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Snowmobiles in the Pas de la Casa in Andorra: rental or guided tours?

In Pas de la Casa, snowmobiling in the Grandvalira ski area is a prevalent activity among tourists during their winter sports stay in Andorra. Snowmobile, jetski, or even skidoo as it is called in Canada, the vehicle offers fun driving on snow, and incredible sensations necessarily accompany the experience! Are you hesitating between renting a snowmobile in Pas de La Case to drive your motorized sled in total autonomy or reserving your place for a guided outing in the Grandvalira ski area? First, do you want to know the conditions and prices of snowmobiles in Andorra? Follow the guide!

The price of renting a snowmobile in Pas de La Casa (Grandvalira) in Andorra

Rent a skidoo in the Grandvalira ski area

No snowmobile rental in the Andorran Pyrenees!

Despite its price, snowmobiling in Pas de La Casa is a success, not only among young people! However, renting a snowmobile in Pas de La Casa is impossible. Instead of snowmobile rental, Andorra prefers guided excursions. A format that guarantees much more security for the skidoo pilot, as for all ski area users. If you want to rent in Andorra skis, snowboards, sledges and other non-motorized equipment in our stores.

The alternatives

If you can’t rent a vehicle, you can still practice the activity! Snowmobile excursions are organized on the Grau-Roig circuit, not far from the Franco-Andorran border, very close to Pas de la Casa. As with most activities in Grandvalira, the snowmobile price does not include the exclusive optional insurance (5.90 euros per day for all activities in the ski area).

The conditions

A "mechanical" winter sport reserved for people over 18 years of age and for children over 6 years of age accompanied by an adult. It is not necessary to have a forfait, experience, or strength to drive a skidoo in the Andorran Pyrenees. The automatic machine is easy to handle; you only need to use the accelerator and brake to control its speed.

Your snowmobile in Pas de La Casa at Andorran prices

Motorized slide, another way to discover the area

Although it is typically considered a reasonably expensive leisure activity, in the Andorran Pyrenees, snowmobiling is one of the most in-demand by vacationers. , as you wish. Follow the guide! Depending on your wishes, you can opt for a guided group tour unless you prefer the privacy of a private outing accompanied by a guide, an option not available at night.

At what price to ride a snowmobile in Pas de La Casa in Andorra?

1 or 2 passengers on the scooter, same price!

Offering you everything or almost much cheaper in Andorra, snowmobiling does not escape the bargain rule, which affects nearly all winter sports. Whether you’re traveling alone or two people on a snowmobile, you’ll pay the same. The rate refers to the vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers it transports. Although they are still cheaper than in the French or Spanish ski resorts, the night excursions are offered a little more expensive.

Prices of guided snowmobile excursions in Pas de La Casa in Andorra during the 2022 - 2023 season

Also practiced along marked trails in the Grau Roig sector, such as dog sledding, this winter motorized sport is accessible at “very Andorran” prices. Snowmobiling in the Pas de la Casa involves trips ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours during the day, and from 30 minutes to 1 hour for night excursions*. Departures occur daily from 10 a.m. to 16 H for daytime departures, while night departures begin 18 H

(Price per snowmobile, for 1 or 2 people on an excursion)
  • 30 minutes: 80 euros
  • 1 hour: 130 euros
  • 2 hours: 290 euros
  • 1 “private” hour: 230 euros
  • 30-minutes "night": 125 euros
  • 1 “night” hour: 195 euros

(* As the Grandvalira service facilities close at 5:00 p.m., you will be given an appointment in a heated area of the Activities and Adventures Center.
You can even request the dinner option to end the evening in style!)

7 good reasons to get into the powder snow on a snowmobile during your stay in the Andorran Pyrenees

In case you still doubt it, here you have 7 good reasons to experience snowmobiling in Grau Roig during your stay in Andorra:
• Escape from everyday life, live an extraordinary experience
• Treat yourself to an authentic high mountain adventure in a total change of scenery
• Go out and conquer the superb snowy roads of Grandvalira
• Explore the forest of Moretó with a unique feeling of freedom
• Live suspended moments and moments out of time
• Fill yourself with emotions and give yourself unforgettable emotions
• Take unique selfies, enough to make everyone jealous!

Motorized sliding in the Andorran Pyrenees, an experience reminiscent of the «great Canadian north»

From emotions to sensations, a fabulous winter experience

Regardless of the mountains where you practice it, but especially in Andorra, snowmobiles offer the possibility of discovering extraordinary snowy landscapes, in complete freedom, day and night. The modern Grandvalira snowmobiles allow easy, stable, and comfortable driving, allowing you to enjoy the authentic pleasure of driving on the snow.

The “Great Canadian North” Overnight Adventure

In winter, when they are no longer accessible for cars, the roads and landscapes of Port d’Envalira are covered in snow, giving way to slides in search of sensations. The snow cover of the Andorran Pyrenees completely changes the landscape and offers an entirely different vision of the Principality. If you choose the night adventure, bundle up and prepare to live in complete safety, an extraordinary experience in the "great Canadian north", on white-marked trails, with only the lights of your skidoo headlights and the moonlight. !

So many good reasons to visit the Principality this winter

About 2h30 from Toulouse and Perpignan, Andorra in general and the Pas in particular benefit from many advantages: more than 300 sunny days a year, shopping 7/7 days, an ultra-competitive hotel and restaurant offer, the best après-ski Europe, winter sales that last from December to February, almost tax-free prices, as well as a wide range of activities (Snowshoing, dog sledding, Snowtubing, night skiing, Igloo Building, Altitude Dining, Caldea, Inuu, etc. .). And if you still don’t know "the new place to be" in the Principality, quickly discover the Bordes d’Envalira, its practical and comfortable infrastructures, and its privileged access to the ski area 2 minutes by shutter from the Grau Roig sector!