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Legal notice

General Sales Conditions. (GSC)

1. Conditions of online sale

Surf Evasió SL, registered under the tax registration number (NRT) L-708907-K, offers on its website the rental of skis and snowboards to be picked up at the store or delivered to the accommodation.
Surf Evasió SL’s website has five channels through which you can book the equipment. Four of these booking engines are linked to each physical point of sale available in Surf Evasió SL and, thanks to the integration of these links, allow the user to make a reservation and then pay for the rental equipment at the dedicated point of sale.
Surf Evasió: Business Number: 920537L
Located: Edifici Frontera Blanca Av d’Encamp 39, AD 200 Pas-de-la-Casa
Telephone: +376 856 300
Surf Evasió 2: Business Number: 920536M
Located: Edifici Pic Blanc Plaça Vaquers 11, AD 200 Pas-de-la-Casa
Telephone: +376 855 562
SKISET Pioners: Business Number: 927462W
Located: Edifici Sapporo Av d’Encamp 23, AD 200 Pas-de-la-Casa
Telephone: +376 856 400
SKISET Bordes: Business Number: 929889J
Located: Edifici Prat de Baix 122, Bloc B, Carretera General n°2, AD100 Bordes d’Envalira Telephone: +376 856 900
The fifth booking engine dedicated exclusively to our partners offers access to their customers allowing them to book and then pay for their rental equipment. This booking engine is linked to Surf Evasió SL. Customers are then redirected to the nearest point of sale.
Surf Evasió Agencies:
When you book a rental of ski or snowboard equipment in one of the five booking engines of the Surf Evasió SL website, you accept the General Sales Conditions (GSC) indicated below, valid on the same date as the nominative booking.

2. Rental of equipment

The ski and snowboard equipment offered on this site is the same as that offered in its points of sale, including a discount for early booking which may vary according to the quantities booked, the equipment chosen and the booking dates.

3. Obligations of the parties

a. Obligations of the customer
In order to allow Surf Evasió SL to fulfill its obligations in the best conditions, the customer commits himself to

  • To pay the price of the order;
  • To provide Surf Evasió with real, exact and updated information, especially about its size, weight and height;
  • To respect all the laws and regulations in force, as well as the present general conditions of sale;
  • Inform Surf Evasió SL of any information of which it has knowledge, and which could affect the execution of the contract between the parties;
    b. Obligations of Surf Evasió
    Surf Evasió makes a commitment to implement all the means necessary to the hiring of the products under the conditions envisaged in the present general conditions of sale.

4. Material reservation process

The process of booking ski or snowboard equipment is done by integrating one of the booking engines provided by the website of Surf Evasió SL.
All the booking engines are accessible via the "Book your pack" button specific to each point of sale in the "Ski Rental" tab.
Once a booking engine has been integrated, the customer first selects the date of arrival and the number of days of rental and then chooses the desired range among the four available. (Premium / Excellence / Sensation / Discovery)
Reservation prices vary automatically according to the number of days registered, as well as the range chosen and its composition. The customer can choose to carry a complete set with helmet, poles, skis and warranties, or to choose only part of the set independently of the others. The customer will have to assign to each selected range a user who fills in his or her "name"; "surname"; "height"; "weight" and "size".
At the time of payment, the contact details of the person making the payment will be requested in order to validate the basket, including his or her "name"; "first name"; "e-mail"; "telephone", as well as the acceptance by means of a checkbox of these last General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTS). Without the acceptance of these conditions, the reservation cannot be completed. The General Conditions of Sale (GCS) can be consulted at any time through the link inserted in the checkbox for acceptance of the conditions.
After the reservation and the validation of the payment, the customer will have to print the summary of his reservation which will be sent to the email previously informed to present it in his corresponding point of sale for its validation.

5. Terms of payment

The payment will be made to Surf Evasió, property of Surf Evasió SL, by credit card through the virtual payment method provided by the Credit Institute of Andorra.
The payment to be carried out in the e-commerce platform corresponds to 100% of the invoicing of the rental of the requested equipment.
All costs related to payments made outside the territory of the credit card and other bank charges will be charged to the customer.
All bank data protected by encryption do not pass through the internal reservation systems and therefore will not be registered or, in any case, will not be in any way in possession of Surf Evasió SL.

6. Rental agreement

The reservation of the equipment rental will be effective from the moment the payment stipulated to Surf Evasió has been made and from the reception of the client’s confirmation email. This confirmation email includes the details of the order, the confirmation of payment which serves as proof to be presented at the dedicated point of sale.

7. Duration of the rental

The rental agreement takes effect from the moment the customer picks up the reserved equipment in the specialist store. The duration of the rental is indicated in the reservation received by e-mail, as well as in the customer file established internally. The equipment must be returned, under the same conditions, at the end of the last day of the planned rental.
A national identity card will be requested to verify the identity of the applicant according to the data provided at the time of payment on the website of Surf Evasió SL.
During the rental period, the customer is entirely responsible for the rented material, from the collection of the material until its return to the store.

8. The use of the equipment

The customer may not, under any circumstances, modify the adjustment of the bindings previously made at the point of sale. Any change in the setting of the rented equipment must be made by an approved professional in the store. The rented equipment is personal and non-transferable. The lessee is obliged to use, maintain and preserve the equipment with diligence and to use it in accordance with its intended purpose. The hirer acknowledges having examined the delivered equipment beforehand and acknowledges that it is in good condition and ready for use. Misuse of the Equipment, including damage to or breakage of the Rental Equipment, will result in a penalty equivalent to the cost of repair.
Return of equipment other than the original drawee or loss of the Rental Equipment will result in payment of 100% of the value of the equipment. If the customer has included a warranty for the equipment at the time of booking, this warranty covers up to 75% of the value of the equipment.

9. Cancellation conditions

Cancellation is made free of charge up to 24 hours before the first day of rental and gives rise to a full refund of the order and the guarantee if it has been taken out. After this period, the cancellation of the order will not be subject to any refund.

The reimbursement of the order will be made by the same means of payment used by the tenant at the time of the order. A deposit will be made on the account associated with the card with which the payment was made.
a. After recovering the rented equipment :
In the event of illness or accident during the rental period, only the products of the person using them will be refunded in proportion to the number of days used. Any rental day that begins will not be refunded.
This refund is conditional upon the client sending a medical certificate or proof of inability to use the rental.
b. Weather conditions :
In the event of total closure of the ski area at the time of the order due to bad weather conditions, the client may request a refund of the order in proportion to the number of days the ski area is closed.

10. Protection of personal data

No personal data is collected on this website without the customer’s consent. Personal data provided by the customer will not be passed on or made available to third parties under any circumstances. The personal data provided by the customer is strictly intended to provide an answer or a service to the customer without any other destination. These personal data can not be used by Surf Evasio SL for reasons other than the efficiency of its rental service, such as sending occasional offers by email.
The personal data collected on the website of Surf Evasio SL will be treated only and exclusively in the recommendations of use of the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGDP), without any other purpose.

11. Rights of users

Users may at any time and under all circumstances exercise their rights as ratified by the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGDP) with regard to

  • Access to
  • The Opposition
  • Rectification
  • The deletion
    All your personal data is collected through the website of Surf Evasió SL. These rights can be exercised by the user in front of the person in charge of data processing, by means of a request sent by letter or e-mail to the company’s headquarters:
    Surf Evasió SL
    Edifici la Solana, Carrer Catalunya 6°A, AD 200, Pas-de-la-Casa
    Telephone: (+376) 355 854

12. Surf Evasió SL

Surf Evasió SL reserves the right to modify the data of the web site at any time updating them. Surf Evasió SL is not responsible for the bad patterns, direct or indirect, derived from the information contained in the web site. The user commits himself not to use the information of this website that could engage his civil or criminal responsibility, and also

commits himself not to spread illegal, contrary to public order or defamatory information through the website.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The general conditions are governed by Andorran legislation.
The users of this web page are subject to Andorran jurisdiction, with express renunciation of any other rights that, in accordance with the law, correspond to them.

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