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Caldea, Thermal Center and the best spa of your stay in Pas de la Casa!

Some compare it to Calicéo in the Toulouse region, but they do not know Caldea! From Pas de la Casa, the ’thermoludic’ spa, this famous building with ’mirror’ facades and pyramid architecture located in Escaldes-Engordany, about thirty kilometers away. A good opportunity to cross the fabulous landscapes of the Principality, towards its capital, very close to the Andorran Thermal Center. Pools, massages, restaurants and other information on the operation of this impressive institution of well-being in Andorra, here is what it is good to know to make the right choice before buying your tickets to the Caldea spa.

Thermal center, thalasso, balneotherapy, water park or pool?

More than a thermal center, the best ’relaxation and well-being’ activity in the Principality

Dedicated to thermalism and well-being, Caldea is the largest thermoludic center in southern Europe. 20,000 m2 divided into four themed spas: Inuu, Origen, Likids and Thermoludic..

The Thermoludic, the joys of water in all its forms

Baths, jets, bubbles and lagoons: 20,000 m2 for swimmers of all ages

Accessible from the age of 5, the Thermoludic spa offers many facilities including the new panoramic pool overlooking the Valira river, an enormous indoor lagoon, ’whirlpool’ saucers, an outdoor pool and Jacuzzis, Indo-Roman baths, and a ’reactivation’ area (Icelandic bath, Turkish bath, Sirocco bath, aquamassages, saunas).

Dive into the naturally warm and beneficial Andorran thermal waters

Likids, a mini-spa reserved for children

Exclusive, the Likids spa is reserved for children from 3 to 8 years old, and like the Origen spa, it overlooks the Thermoludic pool.

Access, parking and route to get to the Caldea spa from Pas de la Casa?

How to get to the famous Andorran thermal center in Escaldes-Engordany?

31 km from Pas de la Casa, Caldea is accessible by road with your vehicle, by taxi and by bus.

Take a taxi

Andorran taxis are active 24/24.

  • Association of Andorran taxi drivers (+376) 863 000 / (+376) 861 005
  • Association of interurban taxi drivers (+376) 854 555 / (+376) 845 555
  • Taxi Altitud Pas De La Casa (+376) 352 507
Take the bus

To take the bus from Pas de la Casa to Caldea, you must take line L4 to stop 706 (Plaça Coprinceps), about 400 meters on foot from the Thermal Center. From bus stop 706, you can also take line L1 to stop 720 (Caldea).

Consult bus schedules

The route from Pas de la Casa to the Caldea spa

From Pas de la Casa, the Caldea spa is exactly 31.2 km away and it takes about forty minutes on average to get there.

Where to park?

The Caldea Thermal Center has a 24/24h communal underground parking lot with direct access, but other public outdoor parking lots are also close by. To find out the rates for the Caldea Communal Parking Lot : (+376) 822 886

Prices, reservations and ’Andorran tips’ to make the most of the Thermoludic thermal waters

How to book seats?

How to choose tickets to discover the Caldea spa during your vacation in Pas de la Casa

Specifically, when buying tickets for Caldea, you will have to choose between two types of tickets, corresponding to the two establishments of the Caldea Thermal Center, united under the same building, but with two distinct entrances:
The Thermoludic :the main and largest area of the Thermal Center, a family-friendly space whose entrance ticket gives access to the Likids spa for children aged 3 to 8 years;
Innu : the cozier spa forbidden to those under 16 years old, which allows access to the Thermoludic, Likids, and the Origen Spa, formerly only open to subscribers.

Prices and ticket purchase options

The price of a ticket to Caldea depends completely on the day and time you want to visit, in summer or winter, in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon or in the evening. A basic entrance ticket allows you to stay at Caldea for 3 hours. The center offers packages combining several entrance tickets, including a massage or hotel, dinner, free access to the Origen spa, and even a package to enjoy the pleasures of skiing on the Grandvalira ski area ! The price of an entrance to the Caldea Thermoludic when buying online in advance ranges from €31.50 (child and junior) to €41.50 (adult entrance in the afternoon). The cheapest tickets are for babies 3-4 years old at the Likids spa for €16.50. If you buy your tickets on the same day, expect an additional €2 per ticket.

Tips to optimize your well-being experience in Andorra, winter and summer.

• During a winter stay in Pas de La Case, Caldea is best discovered in the evening, especially if you spend your days on the ski slopes. The atmosphere and lights are magical, and the outdoor areas allow you to splash your head under the stars and even sometimes under the snowflakes, in naturally warm thermal waters. Think about taking the road either a little before the slopes close or a little after, to avoid any possible traffic slowdowns *. In the summer it would be a shame not to take advantage of the outdoor facilities to take a good sunbath and cool off a little.
• It is recommended to bring your own towel, but you can also rent one at the Boutique on site, where you can also buy swimsuits and other toiletries.
• In the changing rooms, you have lockers where you can leave your personal belongings safely.
• In terms of COVID-related health measures, the Principality has lifted all restrictions except for the requirement to wear masks in healthcare facilities. To ensure minimum safe distance, although this is not strictly enforced in Andorra, Caldea is still operating with limited capacity. It is therefore advisable to be punctual and respect the chosen entry time when purchasing tickets.

* Monitor traffic in real time with webcams!

What to do in Pas de La Case after the Caldea spa?

Beyond the spa and Caldea, there are so many activities to discover in Pas de La Case! Summer and winter, no time to be bored for athletes and those who are less so. The range of activities and leisure in Andorra has something to satisfy all tastes whatever the age and budget! Among the multitude of opportunities available, you can go hiking with snowshoes, driving a dog sled, skiing at night, ice karting, mountain biking, zip lining, snowtubbing, building an igloo, snowmobiling, horseback riding, dinner at altitude, or even, if you have not had enough yet, Inuu, the other Caldea spa, reserved for those over 16 years old. And if you don’t know "the new place to be" in the Principality yet, discover the Bordes d’Envalira soon, with its practical and comfortable facilities, and its privileged access to the ski area 2 minutes by shuttle from the Grau Roig sector!